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Principal – Julie Motomura

Assistant Principal – Karen Hebert

Counselor – Rachelle Peters

Administrative Assistant to the Principal – Kay Whitehead

PEIMS/Registrar/Attendance Clerk – Staci Terrier

Office Clerk – Dianne Hardy

 Receptionist – Rebecca Baker




All elementary aged students are required to sit with parents at school sporting events. Students will not be allowed to play beside the bleachers, run through the stands, or stand on the walkways in the bleachers as this blocks the view of those seated. This is a district policy and will be enforced by administrators on duty at all games.




We’ve implemented the following changes to keep our students safe. This information was sent home at the end of last school year.




  • A new lock will be installed on the front door that will allow us to control who enters the building, along with a camera monitoring system which will require you to push a button, show your ID, and state the reason for your visit. While we know this is inconvenient, we also know  we want to keep your children safe, and this is one way of doing just that. All other entry doors will remain locked as they were all year.


  • The grade level hallway doors will be locked with specific measures in place to protect kids in hallways.


  • Parents will still be allowed to have lunch with their students but only on Fridays. This will allow us to have an officer present during high traffic times at the elementary.


  • Our plan is to have an officer here frequently as added protection.


  • We will practice. While many of you are hesitant for your children to practice the scary safety drills necessary to prepare them for an intruder, we simply must. The only way to try and control our response to ANY situation is to have a plan and practice it. In addition to the regular fire and weather drills, we’ll have what we call “Stranger Drills” that we’ll practice several times throughout the year.


  • We also have procedures in place  for every location on campus and outside. We’ve developed a plan we believe to be safe. This plan will help ensure our kids are protected in case of the unthinkable.


  • Morning drop-off for students will begin at 7AM this school year. This is in an effort to help parents who work out of town. Students will be supervised in the foyer until 7:25 at which time they’ll go to the gym as in previous years. All other times will remain the same with announcements at 7:55
  • Parents will be allowed to walk students in the building the first week of school!
  • The car rider line is going to be CRAZY the 1st 6-weeks of school. IT ALWAYS IS! PLEASE BE PATIENT!